Moving in and out of Wiltshire

Moving to Wiltshire

When a family moves home, it can have an impact on their provision, which is the support they receive. It can also affect the school the child attends, even though they have a statement or My Plan.

The information below is designed to help you if you are moving into Wiltshire, but you can also contact our single point of contact if you have questions.

You can also get advice on moving with a statement or education health and care plan from parental support groups via our guidance page.


If a young person has a statement or My Plan and the family are moving into Wiltshire, it is helpful for the parents / carers to contact us as early as possible. We can advise them of the schools within Wiltshire or discuss whether the child could stay at the school they are currently attending. Contact our SEND single point of contact to discuss your young person’s situation with one of our SEND lead workers:

01225 757985
Operating Hours: 9:00 – 4:30

When a family moves to Wiltshire, we will take responsibility for the young person’s statement or My Plan from their current authority. Parents / carers will be contacted by a named officer (Assistant Education Officer or AEO) and we will be sent your young person’s statement / My Plan and any other information we need from the other authority.

We will then have to decide whether to adopt the statement/ My Plan, or to start a statutory reassessment. In most cases we adopt the existing statement/My Plan. We have 8 weeks from when we become aware the family has moved to advise them of our decision.

When we adopt a statement/ My Plan we have to try and match the provision as closely as possible. However, it is not always possible to match it exactly as schools and school places vary from authority to authority. The named officer will discuss the options in Wiltshire with the family.

We cannot confirm a school place until the family arrives in the county. By law we have to allow time to consult the governing body of the school the child will attend. We will always try to ensure that the child is able to start school as quickly as possible following the move but parents / carers should be prepared that the child might not be able to start at school straight away.


If a family moves into Wiltshire, the first step they can take for their young person’s health is to register with a Wiltshire GP, as this will be the first step in accessing most health services in the county.

Our health local offer captures how individual services approach families moving in and out of county, so if a family is in receipt of targeted or specialist health support in their current county, looking at the information on our similar health services is the best place to start.

Visit our health local offer for more information

Moving out of Wiltshire

Your statement / My Plan

When a family moves out of Wiltshire, the responsibility for the young person’s statement/ My Plan transfers to the new authority. Parents /carers will need to contact the new authority as soon as they can. Not all authorities work in the same way so the transfer process in the new authority may be different to Wiltshire. However, the new authority will still have 8 weeks to advise a family of the decision to either adopt the child’s statement / My Plan, or start a reassessment.

It is helpful for us to know in advance if a family is leaving Wiltshire so that we can ensure the young person’s paperwork is ready to send to the new authority promptly.


If a family moves out of Wiltshire, the first thing they should do is register with a local GP. The new area should also have a Local Offer, listing the health services and sources of support for families of young people with SEND.

Our health local offer also captures how targeted and specialist health services in Wiltshire support families who leave their service.

Visit our health local offer for more information

Moving within Wiltshire


If a family moves house but stays within Wiltshire, this may or may not affect the child’s statement/My Plan.

It is still important that we know about the move as early as possible so we can make sure parents or carers are aware of what the options are. We will need the new address and contact details so that we can make sure any information about a young person’s statement/My Plan we send out reaches the parents or carers.

Young people will not necessarily be entitled to transport if the school named in their statement is no longer the nearest suitable school to the new address.

See our travel support page for more information 

The named officer will be happy to discuss moving with parents or carers.


Moving within Wiltshire will not necessarily have an impact on health support. However, some targeted and specialist services cover different geographic parts of Wiltshire, so if a family is working with these teams, they will need to discuss their circumstances with the health professionals supporting them,

See our health local offer for more information


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