SEND Service

If you would like some advice or information about your child’s Special Educational needs and you already have an allocated SEND lead worker, please contact them directly.

For any other questions or concerns about your child’s needs, please contact Wiltshire Families and Children’s Services on      0300 456 0108  (out of hours Emergency Duty Service: 0300 456 0100).

IMPORTANT: If a child is at imminent risk of harm or injury, please call the police on 999

What’s the new SEND service all about?

Our Principles

Enabling and inclusive Wherever possible, we want to support young people to access mainstream and universal services. This means working with individuals and their families to improve their independence.

Person centred We want our children and young people to be at the heart of everything we do. This means treating them as individuals and listening to what’s important for them and what’s important to them.

Single plan and assessment process We want to reduce bureaucracy and share information sensitively and effectively. This means coordinating everything we do with other professionals supporting your child or young person.

Outcome focused We don’t just want to focus on the next educational step. This means understanding the kind of future your child or young person would like to have and support them to achieve it.

Transparent and fair We want you and your family to have confidence in us. This means its our job to make sure you understand the steps we’re taking and why we’re taking them.

Timely You and your family expect support to be delivered when and where they’re needed. This means we need to be really proactive in how we tackle issues and plan our services.

Safeguarding All children have a right to be kept safe and secure. This means we work hard to balance risk with giving people choices.

Excellent communication and information We think its important you understand what we do and why we do it. This means making sure the information we share with you is accurate, up to date, timely and accessible.

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