Post 16 process

As part of the reforms to our SEND service, young people can be supported by our team until they reach stability, which we expect to be around the age of 25.

This means education support for post 16 options will be captured in a My EHC Plan in the same way as support arranged before this point.

In practice, all support delivered by our team will focus on the individual and their specific goals and this will be especially      important for young people over 16, as they plan for their adult life.

To assist this, our support for this group of young people is delivered in an incredibly flexible way.  However, we will follow a basic process to make sure young people get the appropriate level of support they need.  For further information, please see the documents below:

Post 16 Placement Policy

Post 16 Process (updated August 2015)

For any queries about Wiltshire’s SEND Service or information about post 16 education support then please call Wiltshire Families and Children’s Services on 0300 456 0108 (out of hours Emergency Duty Service: 0300 456 0100).

IMPORTANT: If a child is at imminent risk of harm or injury, please call the police on 999



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