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The Children and Families Act 2014 sets out how local authorities must assess and provide for young people with special educational needs and disabilities. The statement  is the Education, Health and Care Plan, which in Wiltshire we are calling the My EHC Plan.


From 1st September 2014 the process has changed:

Pre-1st September 2014                                   Post-1st September 2014

Statement                                                            My EHC Plan (Education,Health and Care Plan)

School Action/School Action Plus                      SEN Support e.g. My Support Plan, inclusion etc. *

Early Years Action/Early Years Action Plus        SEN Support e.g. My Support Plan, inclusion etc. *

*SEN Support level may include a variety of strategies that could be used by the setting.  This may or may not include a My Support Plan depending on the individual needs of the child or young person.  The Wiltshire Graduated Response to SEND Support, WGRSS,  (previously known as WIPD) can help guide professionals with the process.


Where young people have an identified need, a plan will be put in place to support them. Whatever their level of need, that plan should be:


What is important to the young person and important for the young person should be at the heart of all decisions. The young person and their family should be involved in the decision making process.


All those working to support a young person should be concentrating on the long-term goals important for the young person to live a good life, not just on getting them to the ‘next educational step’.


All professionals involved in supporting a young person should work together to prioritise their needs and communicate clearly to meet them.

Depending on a young person’s need, they may either have an Education, Health and Care Plan or and Education, Health and Care Support plan. In Wiltshire, we are simply calling these:

My EHC Plan (Education, Health and Care Plan)

A My EHC Plan is a statutory plan created by a  Lead Worker as a result of an Education, Health and Care Plan assessment. It is required under the Children and Families Act.

A My EHC Plan will capture:

  • A young person’s needs
  • What is important for the young person to achieve
  • How the young person and their family would like them to be supported, including how best to communicate with the young person
  • Who will support the young person, how, when and for how long

The process of developing a My EHC Plan takes 20 weeks in total with  different stages along the way.   To view the stages in this process please see the My EHC Plan (EHC Plan Needs Assessment Timeline 2015).

Read about how a My EHC Plan is created

My Support Plan

A My Support Plan is designed to capture the same information, but for young people who do not meet the statutory threshold for support. This means the plan will not be a legally binding agreement, but that all of the same information is included so that if a young person needs a My EHC Plan in the future, the process for creating one will be simple.

Have a look at a My Support Plan – V9 October 2015 template and Guide – My Support Plan 2015 (updated November 2015).

 Read about how a My Support Plan is created

Parent information sessions

Action for Children will be running parent information sessions for parents and carers who would like information about the My EHC Plan (Education, Health and Care Plan).

They can  also offer one to one support for parents, carers, children and young people about the new process.

For further information call 01380 813393.







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