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Children and young people disability team

Most children and young people with disabilities will use the services that are there for everyone in the community, for example children’s centres, leisure centres, doctors, schools and colleges known as Universal Services.

Some children and young people will need extra support and will use services like short breaks.  For more information please visit the Wiltshire Parent Carer Council webpage for the Short Breaks Scheme.

What services do you provide for young people with SEND?

A small number of children and young people, whose circumstances are complex and who may not be able to live at home without special support, will require assessment by the social care teams.
Our responsibilities include safeguarding, looked after children and young people with complex needs where a risk to their wellbeing exists. We expect that the needs of most young people will be met without working with our team. We work especially closely with young people with critical needs to prepare for adulthood.
Our team is made up of qualified social workers and a small number of social care occupational therapists. We work across the county to support young people and their families, where their needs are most substantial.
When we make decisions on how to support a young person, we investigate the individual’s needs and what is available for them locally. Therefore, we look in the first instance, at funding support through universal and targeted services, so that support is person centred and sustainable. In some cases the best way to meet a young person’s needs will be through support at home with personal care, or day/ overnight breaks.
Where children and young people are assessed as needing social care services, families may choose to have a direct payment to arrange their own support.

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