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As part of the Local Offer we aim to provide relevant information and documents to assist professionals, parents, children and young people.  The Local Offer is always developing and we have created a list of useful documents below:

Statutory guidance
SEND Code of Practice July 2014 (valid until 31 March 2015)
SEND Code of Practice January 2015 (valid from 1 April 2015)
Early Years Guide to SEND Code of Practice – Sept 2014
SEND guide for parents and carers


Equality Act 2010
Early Years guide (Council for Disabled Children)
Schools guide (Council for Disabled Children)


Wiltshire SEND documentation
Local Offer leaflet
SEN Schools Strategy Sept 2015
SEN information report and policy guide (updated April 2015)
SEN Accessibility Strategy 2013 – 2016
Vulnerable learners strategy – Wiltshire
 Wiltshire Graduated Response to SEND Support (WGRSS) – Guidance
Wiltshire Graduated Response to SEND Support (WGRSS) – KS1
Wiltshire Graduated Response to SEND Support (WGRSS) – KS2
Wiltshire Graduated Response to SEND Support (WGRSS) – KS3 & 4

* Please note that WIPD has been replaced from November 2014 with the Wiltshire Graduated Response to SEND Support (WGRSS), above.

Behaviour Audit
Professional documentation e.g. Early years guide, SENCO handbook, Autism school strategies.
SEND Service – structure
Wesford 1 (2nd-edition)
School trip checklist
SEND Self-Evaluation Tool
Wiltshire Banding Thresholds – final
Wiltshire Banding Thresholds – Cognition and Learning
Wiltshire Banding Thresholds – Communication and Interaction and ASC
Wiltshire Banding Thresholds – Social Emotional and Mental Health
Wiltshire Banding Thresholds – Physical and medical needs
Wiltshire Banding Thresholds – Sensory Needs
Autism  information and strategies
Wiltshire Autism Information Pack
Support in Wiltshire for Autism – School Strategies (SWASS)
Early years – Support in Wiltshire for Autism – School Strategies (SWASS)
Support in Wiltshire: Autism Parent Programme (SWAPP)
Early Years
Early Years SENCO Handbook *currently being reviewed and updated
Early Years Guide to SEND Code of Practice – Sept1 2014
Early Years SEN guide (2012) *currently being reviewed and updated
Early years transition liaison guide 2010 update *currently being reviewed and updated
Early years transition liaison guide *currently being reviewed and updated
‘All about me’ book – Early years liaison
Early Years transfer form (2015)


My EHC Plan/My Support Plan information
Request for My Support Plan/My EHC Plan cover sheet for Schools Settings
My EHC Plan – V9 Dec 2015
My Support Plan – V9 October 2015
Guide – My Support Plan 2015 (updated November 2015)
My EHC Plan Annual Review meeting guidance
My EHC Plan Annual Review form
My EHC Plan Annual Review – Parent Carer (updated June 2015)
My EHC Plan Annual Review – Professional
How a My EHC Plan is created
Statement-to-My-Plan-Conversion-Timetable-March 2016
Consent to share information – SEND service


Enhanced Learning Provision (ELP)
Enhanced Learning Provision (ELP) Information for Parents
Enhanced Learning Provision (ELP) Guidance Booklet


Post 16
Post 16 Placement Policy
Post 16 Process (updated August 2015)
Supported Internship Factsheet 2015
Employment and Community Skills
Wiltshire Employment and Skills Team (WEST) Fact Sheet
Community Connecting Fact Sheet
Supported Internship Factsheet 2015
Personal Budgets and Direct Payments
Direct Payment leaflet V5 March 2016
Process for Applications for Special Educational Need Direct Paymentsv3
Making it Personal leaflet
Direct Payment Policy April 2016 V1
Educational Direct Payment Agreement
Personal Budgets – Employer Responsibilities
Carer Support
Carer’s emergency card guidelines
SEN travel application form
SEN travel assistance policy
Post 16 application form 2015-2016
Post 16 transport policy statement


National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS)
NYAS General information and services
NYAS Child Protection Conference Process – Advocacy for Young People leaflet
NYAS Over 11 Leaflet
NYAS Under 11 Leaflet
NYAS Advocacy Disability Leaflet
NYAS Advocacy Easier to Read Leaflet
NYAS – CHILD PROTECTION CONFERENCE PROCESS: Best practice guidelines for advocacy


Can’t find what you are looking for?  Tell us through our feedback page and we will try to assist.

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